Everything We Know About Leadership Competency Development Is Wrong (almost)

Skills by stageA New Approach to Leadership Performance Development was presented by Dr. Brent Green and Peter DiGiammarino. Click the graphic at left for a PDF of their presentation.

Based on their research, publications, and experience Brent and Peter reported on their latest work together including a case study where they recently, and successfully, piloted their approach with a fast growing financial analytics organization whose customers include Freddie Mac, US Treasury, and Capital One among others.

Roman Iwachiw, CEO, attending via Google Hangout, shared that:

“We recently worked with Brent and Peter to implement both the team and individual assessments for our leadership. I’m really glad we did it. We got good information, we got it from multiple angles, and, very importantly, participants all felt good about the process. Another thing that I really liked about it, and that surprised me, was that it was simple and lightweight. It took a lot less time and resources to implement than I expected.

Key points: to take away:

  • The ideal team skill set changes as organizations mature.
  • It is possible to discern a team’s skill mix and compare it with successful organizations at the same stage of maturity.
  • It can be easy to assess and feed back individual executive performance and growth.
Attendees had the chance during the session to  assess their own organization and leader competencies compared to those of successful companies at the same stage of maturity.

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Contact intelliven@intelliven.com to inquire about how to use Dr. Green’s multi-rater approach to assessing leadership team skill mix and/or to get coaching on how to implement the individual assessment process.

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