Kiva Introduction to Negotiations

30 Kiva Partnership Team members attended an Introduction to Negotiations facilitated by IntelliVen CEO Peter DiGiammarino. The session introduced Thomas Kilmann’s five modes of responding to conflict situations, David Fisher’s approach to Getting Together and Getting to Yes, and the JoHari Window. Attendees worked on three cases to apply what was learned.

Click the figure to see the slides used in the session.


Key take-aways:

  • Each party has a default mode that is not necessarily the mostlikely to lead to the best result.
  • Be who you need to be. I.e., DECIDE which mode to adopt
    based on circumstances and preferences.
  • Reveal what is unknown to the other party that may be helpful.
  • Seek to find out what you do not yet know that will be helpful.
  • Document your understanding, assumptions, and terms in easy to use form before going to contract.

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