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Achieve Breakthrough Performance with More Effective Leadership

Growth is good.

But growth can be really hard.

Maybe your organization’s growth has plateaued. Why has it stalled? Is the issue in strategy, alignment, execution, backlog, or capacity? Maybe all these areas?

Or maybe you have the opposite problem, and growth is exploding and your team can’t keep up. What needs to change to enable the organization to scale?

IntelliVen has created a one-of-a-kind tailored and immersive experience to prepare your leaders to answer these questions and address these problems.

Manage to Lead Competency Maturity Model

The Manage to Lead for Breakthrough Performance Program arms leaders and their teams to maximize organization performance when facing a variety of challenges crucial to meeting your goals. 

The program introduces practical tools, methods, and principles consistent with Organization Development (OD) best practices for leaders and their teams of three to seven members, and their HR/OD business partner or business consultant, if they have one.

All organizations can benefit, especially those struggling to reach the next level or those facing such rapid growth that leaders are overwhelmed. Other organizations will find value as they seek to innovate in the face of market disruption. The program will also benefit those looking to capitalize on new technology, introduce new products, enter new markets or manage strategic initiatives. 

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Manage to Lead flipped classroom learning where Your Case IS the Course

The IntelliVen MtL for Breakthrough Performance Program focuses on making sure your leaders are clear and aligned on important questions such as:

  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • What do we provide?
  • Who are our target customers?
  • What problem do we solve for them?
  • What are we counting on each other to do?
  • How do we identify and respond to performance blockers?
  • Do our leaders possess and use the mindset, interpersonal skills and behaviors that propel excellent team performance?

IntelliVen is a San Francisco-based management consulting firm that works with up-and-coming leaders and their teams to get aligned and on track to achieve breakthrough performance. 

Our proprietary system of tools and templates package what we have learned from decades of running and growing dozens of successful businesses.

Seven truths drive a continuum of actions that are simple but not easy. MtL tools empower teams to mature operations in sync with stage of organization maturity.

We make doable the hard-to-implement actions driven by disarmingly simple truths.

The MtL Breakthrough Performance Program experience is 10 topic modules of guided lessons and live workshop sessions focused on your organization, your team’s unique dynamics, and your specific objectives.

Topic modules build on each other to progressively prepare participant teams to prepare a board-worthy brief on their organization and the change they plan to make.

Your Case IS the Course. The program is a shared experience for your leadership team to work on, not just in, the business. You will apply business and organization development best practices to conceive, launch, and guide initiatives that realize targeted benefits, with real-time feedback. 

Guided by IntelliVen Principal Consultants with deep experience across all aspects of leadership and organization development, your team will be immersed in a unique interactive online curriculum complemented with live workshops featuring role-playing, case-based concept exploration, and direct feedback on your own case. 

Program alums join a learning community that is connected continuously online, and that convenes live virtually semi-annually, where new MtL System tools are introduced and progress with case application and lessons learned are shared.

The program is based on the IntelliVen Manage to Lead System, a collection of tools, methods, and principles drawn from decades of experience applying organization development concepts and human behavior theory to developing successful organizations.  MtL melds competence in process and business for breakthrough performance improvement as depicted in the following diagram:

Process and Content
Manage to Lead flipped classroom learning where Your Case IS the Course

We work with several universities to develop and offer leading executive team development programs. Our approach is distinguished in that everything we do reflects executive competence in organization development and the practical application of human behavior theory.

Elements of MtL have been taught at American University NtL/MSOD, MIT, Stanford, University of Maryland, George Mason University, Golden Gate University, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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