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key to operating Success in a Crisis

By Danielle Iera

With baby boomers entering their last stages, Private Equity invested in senior residences ahead of the certain increase in demand as an aging population would surely seek community, comfort, support, and safety from communal living. COVID-19 changed the calculus overnight. WeWork and Airbnb represent two more niches that are forever changed…as are many more. The … Continue reading key to operating Success in a Crisis


By Ian Sander

With COVID-19 driving so many to work remotely, we want to share tips and best practices collected from having worked remotely almost exclusively over the past few years as well as from recent research. Our goal is to maintain high performance for members of our community while fostering safe, productive, and sustainable working conditions for … Continue reading WORK FROM HOME PRACTICES THAT WORK

The importance of executive leadership team meetings and how to run them

By Eric Palmer

Executive Leadership Team meetings are critical to a business achieving scale. Even with infinite grit, determination, drive, and brilliance, leadership responsibilities must eventually be assigned such that a system to keep things coming together for collective leadership attention is required.

Tips to consultants helping organization leaders create THEIR WHAT-WHO-WHY

By Eric Palmer

Before leaders set out to change their organization, it helps to be ready to change. To get ready to change, leaders should be clear about their organization as it currently exists. A good place for them to start is with their organization’s purpose. The purpose of an organization is to solve a problem for a … Continue reading Tips to consultants helping organization leaders create THEIR WHAT-WHO-WHY

Long-time IntelliVen Client Enrolls Five Teams in Exclusive Manage to Lead Immersion Program Cohort

By Peter DiGiammarino

A Washington DC based management consulting firm that helps organizations experiencing disruption to set their strategy and then align their culture with that strategy to achieve breakthrough performance improvement has chosen Manage to Lead as a foundational component of their leadership development and client delivery methodology.

Former student named one of 100 fastest growing inner-city businesses

By Peter DiGiammarino

We are humbled and honored to be a part of Pete Merzbacher’s journey and for his kind words towards me and the IntelliVen team.

How to get a rogue team member back on board without drama or disruption

By Peter DiGiammarino

Every leader eventually finds they have a toxic executive team member who behaves poorly, spreads discontent, or otherwise goes off track and holds the core leadership team, and the organization, hostage indefinitely.  As the leader, it is up to you to do something, but you avoid confronting the offender perhaps because you are averse to … Continue reading How to get a rogue team member back on board without drama or disruption

Case Study: Cracking the Execution Code at Compusearch Software Systems

By Peter DiGiammarino

Compusearch had always been an innovative company but operations needed to mature. Here’s the story behind how the management team, working with The Carlyle Group and IntelliVen, got clear, aligned, and grew to be sold for ~4X invested capital in 5 years.

How to increase the odds of success with a strategic acquisition or alliance

By Peter DiGiammarino

Posted 6/10/2012, Updated 9/19/2019 Most acquisitions and alliances severely underperform relative to expectations set at the time of their inception.  No matter how great they look on paper, it is always a lot harder to make things come out anywhere near where they were meant to be than it seemed at the start.  Fortunately, based … Continue reading How to increase the odds of success with a strategic acquisition or alliance

Transition Plan for CEOs

By Peter DiGiammarino

What To Do Between Your Exit and Next Position We wrote a post about how to make a graceful exit (especially when it’s involuntary) that explored what steps to take when leaving your position. This post is the follow-up that dives into how to identify, assess, and consolidate lessons learned to find the right next … Continue reading Transition Plan for CEOs

stages of organization

Five Stages of Organization Evolution and Key Characteristics and Concerns at Each Stage

By Peter DiGiammarino | November 6, 2018

Organizations almost always progress through five more-or-less well-defined evolutionary growth stages: Concept Startup Credible Sustainable Mature. The Five Stages of Organization The five stages of organization are defined by key characteristics, operating agenda, economics, and key concerns as summarized below. Concept Stage A new organization starts out as an idea, or Concept. A bona fide … Continue reading Five Stages of Organization Evolution and Key Characteristics and Concerns at Each Stage

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Get Clear

By Peter DiGiammarino | October 18, 2018

The purpose of a business is to solve a problem for a customer…which begs this question: WHAT solution does your organization provide to WHO and WHY do they pay for it? A way to think about it is that there are three dimensions to any business: WHAT, WHO, and WHY or in terms of Market … Continue reading Get Clear

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Change Alone is Not Enough

By Peter DiGiammarino | July 26, 2018

Strategic Leadership is to change your organization the way you want. You don’t just want change, though, because change means different, not necessarily better. We could say develop, which implies better, but towards what end? More specifically we want to improve but in what ways? What we want is to improve how well we do what we do, … Continue reading Change Alone is Not Enough

Your Case is the Course

By Peter DiGiammarino | June 12, 2018

Any organization is more likely to reach its potential to perform and grow when its leaders are clear about their organization today, where it is headed next and why, and when they know how it will get there. Strategic Leadership: Manage to Lead Using the Seven Truths introduces a straightforward yet rigorous way to describe and assess any organization as it exists and as its … Continue reading Your Case is the Course

Manage to Lead Immersion Program: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World

By Peter DiGiammarino | April 16, 2018

The Manage to Lead Immersion Program: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World from IntelliVen-U is available to executive leadership teams for the first time ever this summer. The program was originally developed for masters students at American University and subsequently also offered at the University of San Francisco and Golden Gate University. Executives have been … Continue reading Manage to Lead Immersion Program: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World

Change Initiatives Don’t Have to Fail

By Peter DiGiammarino | February 14, 2018

Pundits assert that change initiatives are highly likely to under-achieve their stated goals. They also tell us any number of reasons why initiatives fail. IntelliVen-U’s executive course teaches the exact opposite. The Strategic Leadership Immersion Program: Manage to Lead using the Seven Truths, which provides a plan of action and tools that will make any change happen … Continue reading Change Initiatives Don’t Have to Fail

Plan to Perform and Grow

By Peter DiGiammarino | January 14, 2018

Leadership teams that are on track to reach their potential to perform and grow have: A written, board-approved financial plan that shows revenue, direct costs, gross margin, indirect costs by function (e.g., marketing, sales, HR, R&D, etc.), and operating profit (i.e., EBITDA),  by month and quarter for the year. Approved financial plans tend to have the following characteristics: … Continue reading Plan to Perform and Grow

Crisis Prep

By Peter DiGiammarino | November 23, 2017

You smell smoke. Then come flames! You run into the front yard and turn to look at your home with fear and dread. Now imagine your local, rookie fireman appears on the scene to fight your fire having only ever trained online with no real field-simulation experience! Firemen train by fighting real fires in a controlled … Continue reading Crisis Prep

Federal Sales

By Peter DiGiammarino | November 8, 2017

The best federal sales executives find that just three things lead to more wins than losses: Excellent client relationship. A number one or two ranked technical proposal. A price within 2-3% of the lowest bidder. A well thought out, implementable selling system should assure these three tenets are in place. That is what it takes … Continue reading Federal Sales

CEO Role

By Peter DiGiammarino | October 9, 2017

Every organization has, or needs, a leader. And it is true that the power of one committed, clear person can make all the difference in the world. But no one individual, even the greatest leader, does anything of much significance alone. The best leaders know that it is not all about them. It is about … Continue reading CEO Role

Leader Exit

By Peter DiGiammarino | September 16, 2017

At an as yet unspecified time in the near future, the revered leader of a high-functioning team must exit, due to age, health, opportunity, or some other compelling reason. The way the team sees it, the exiting leader must bring in a new leader or anoint someone from within, though no team member is clearly the … Continue reading Leader Exit

Quitting Benefits

By Peter DiGiammarino | July 9, 2017

Most people have no idea to what they are entitled when and if they quit their job. demystifies the rules relating to benefit entitlement upon employee-initiated termination in their article: Can You Collect Unemployment If You Quit?.   Good cause If you are laid off or made redundant, you are eligible for unemployment benefits. In the … Continue reading Quitting Benefits