How organizations evolve.

There are three to keep in mind with respect to how organizations evolve.

There Is No One Right Organization

The organization that will work is the one a group decides to make work, after much study and debate, despite its flaws. It is easy to make any organization fail. It is harder to make one work. The group that bands together to design its own future and that then signs up to make it work every day in the field of play is the one that is most on track to success.

Organizations Change Best when they Change Slowly

It is often better to make small moves than to make wholesale changes.  Organization change is hard on people. It helps to go slow, and to keep everyone clear about what is going on, why it is going on, and what is needed from them to succeed.

No Organization Is Forever

Each organization is just one step along the way to the next. When an organization is put in place, it is a good time to also think about what might be next because it won’t be long before adjustments will be needed to stay on track to success.