How to think about and organize Project, Client, and Offering Managers.

Clients and Offerings
Figure 1: A business with project that deliver offerings to clients.
Figure 2: Project managers deliver offering value on time, on target, and on budget.

Organizations that offer solutions to clients manage: Projects, Clients, and Offerings as suggested in Figure 1. Managing each requires different skills and seeks to achieve different goals as outlined below.

Project Managers, see Figure 2, deliver offering value to specific clients on time, on budget, and on target. Project Managers are also counted on to extend and expand engagements in order to deliver even greater value over a longer time frame.

Figure 3: Client Managers ensure projects go well and that all possible solutions are introduced to their client.

Client Managers, see Figure 3, ensure that delivery activities are on track to success and that every solution offered is systematically introduced to their client to interest them in procuring the associated value.

Offering Managers, See Figure 4, ensure that the lessons learned from delivery engagements are consolidated and best practices developed and disseminated across client projects.

Figure 4: Offering Managers consolidate lessons learned, drive to deliver value across offerings, and continuously evolve their offering.consolidated and best-practices methodologies developed and disseminated across clients.

Offering Managers also monitor technology advances and competitive forces to further evolve their offering.

Offering Managers also drive their offering into the most strategic new opportunities to deliver extraordinary value to clients in order to push the offering to new heights, learn as much as possible, and drive as much value as possible for clients and for their organizations.s all client projects.

Organization leaders are wise to make clear who is responsible for each of these  important roles realizing that each requires different skills, competencies, and interests and so are likely best done by different people.

Call for regular reviews of projects, clients, and  offerings to ensure that each are on track to success as envisioned in the current annual plan and on track  to drive the  greatest possible contribution to future growth.