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IntelliVen Launches Initiative to Support Learning Community on LinkedIn

The value of a Learning Community is the extraordinary wealth of knowledge in the group, peer support, and ongoing opportunities to learn from real situations. In-person meetings like the one today are important, but they happen only a couple of times a year. More than a few of you have asked if there is a way we can get value from the community between live sessions.

It is my privilege to tell you that the answer is YES! LinkedIn is the vehicle…we just haven’t been using it right. IntelliVen plans to use the best LinkedIn practices to facilitate keeping ILC conversations meaningful and impactful.

The first step is to Follow the IntelliVen Company Page instead of our ILC Group. This is because it turns out that LinkedIn is moving away from groups. They just aren’t working as promised and may soon be disbanded altogether. LinkedIn is encouraging organizations like ours to use their company pages to fill the gap and to find the promising, long sought in groups.

Consequently, we have launched an initiative to cultivate the IntelliVen Learning Community through the IntelliVen Company Page on LinkedIn.

Our first step is to launch a new feature for the IntelliVen LinkedIn Company Page called:

“Ask the Learning Community”

We have already started daily posting of tips, insights, ideas, problems, and solutions. All you need to do is:
·      Open LinkedIn

·      Search for IntelliVen

·      Press FOLLOW…

Follow the IntelliVen Learning Community on LinkedIn
…and enjoy the content and participate in the discussion. You will see daily posts often with short video clips from the MtL program, Interactive Overviews, and ILC sessions. This is the place to share your successes and what you’ve learned, as well as ask questions, share your challenges in real-time, test-run your messaging, and support each other.

We look forward to your engagement on LinkedIn!

Request to Join the IntelliVen Amplification Pod

If you are MtL trained and are willing to serve at the center of the IntelliVen Learning Community please apply to join the IntelliVen Amplification Pod. If accepted you will receive notice of questions from the ILC to answer, comment, or share. 

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