Developing Leaders Using Team Insights at Each Stage of Organization Maturity

Master Class Slides in PDF

Association for Strategic Planning Master Class attendees in San Francisco on March 16 learned that great leadership teams are not born.  Leadership teams become great by performing, observing, assessing, and feeding back insights to each other in ways that drive continuous improvement as their organization matures.

Many leadership teams are deprived of the opportunity to experience such growth and development because organizations where they work rely on broken performance appraisal and leadership development models.

Traditional annual performance reviews, for instance, become rote exercises in form completion, don’t provide enough depth, don’t adapt leadership goals to the level of organization maturity, and by assuming a one-size-fits-all ladder to individual leadership development, don’t help senior teams balance their skill set.  Even worse, the resulting feedback is often ignored, sapping the organization’s overall strategic management capacity.

This masterclass offered a superior approach to strategic leadership development and performance appraisals.  The approach is an easy to implement, proven system based on global research involving thousands of successful leadership teams over many years and at various stages of maturity.  Case studies reveal how rich feedback leads to genuine insights and improved behavior.  Participants practiced applying key points to assess their own organizations and teams in light of their stage of maturity.


Peter DiGiammarino is a seasoned C-suite executive who has helped multiple organizations create and implement plans true to their market, offerings, competence, and purpose.  He is currently CEO of IntelliVen, serves on multiple corporate boards, and teaches graduate courses at the University of San Francisco School of Management.

Brent Green, Ph.D. is an IntelliVen associate who has held many high-profile roles, including Director of Assessment and Learning for The American Management Association International, Director of Organization Effectiveness for McKesson, and Director of Training for Kaiser Permanente.

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