Virtual Strategic Leadership Immersion Program Overview Workshop for Federal Leaders

ASI Government sponsored an online Strategic Leadership Immersion Program Overview Workshop on 25 February 2019attended by about two dozen federal leaders. The 90-minute live, online workshop, with virtual breakout rooms and interactivity, showcased the IntelliVen Immersion Program for Federal Executives.

ASI’s significant and growing practice that helps Federal Leaders crystalize strategic intent, align executives with their intent, and then supports leaders in the quest to achieve their intent was highlighted in a compelling case example application of the program’s Change Management Framework. Practice leaders Fred Panzer and Heather Decker hosted the session and participated in the overview workshop along with executives from USDA and Department of Interior.

Also attending was Jim Stockmal who leads the IntelliVen initiative to promote and deliver Manage to Lead lessons, tools, and templates to Federal Leaders.

About the Overview Workshop

Click the program road map graphic below to access a PDF copy of the workshop slides.

Click the graphic above for a PDF of the workshop slides.

Click the display below to see the video recording and transcript of the entire workshop:

Click the graphic above to access a video recording and transcript of the workshop for Federal Leaders.

Participants were invited to complete an advance exercise ahead of the workshop to get a sense for what it is like to participate in the full online program. Individual feedback on submissions was sent post-workshop.

Response to both the program and the workshop has been positive as leaders learn to get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their organization’s potential to perform and grow impact, opportunity, and value delivered!

Throughout the workshop, participants sampled leadership tools that are used extensively in the Immersion Program including:

  • WHAT-WHO-WHY: Your case and target customers.
  • Change Framework: What needs to change and why.
  • Initiative-to-Action: Where to assign resources.
  • Leadership Support: Governance, growth, and focus.

26 participants from six organizations have just launched the program’s winter 2019 cohort. Those interested are invited to fill-out and submit this enrollment form to get on the list for this year’s summer cohort that launches July 10.

Click the graphic below for a video walk-through of the full program. 


Peter DiGiammarino founded and runs IntelliVen to help leaders, teams, and organizations practically apply behavioral theory to get clear, aligned, and on-track to reach their potential to perform and grow.

James Stockmal has 25+ years experience consulting to leaders and teams across industry sectors including defense, civilian government, state government, retail banking, finance, insurance, utilities, non-profits and manufacturing. President of Association for Strategic Planning.


Special Guests – ASI Government

Frederick Panzer, PhD, PMP is an Industrial-organizational (I-O) Psychologist at ASI Government with over 16 years of experience designing and implementing Organizational Development and Strategic Human Capital Solutions.
Heather Decker, Senior Consultant at ASI Government, works with Federal clients to develop strategic objectives and performance metrics, facilitate collaborative planning sessions, improve organizational communication and collaboration, identify and improve critical processes to meet mission requirements, and conduct organizational and process analysis using qualitative and quantitative analysis tools.

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