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Virtual Strategic Leadership Immersion Program Overview Workshop

About the Program Overview Workshop

Over 250 people registered to attend the one-hour interactive virtual workshop for an executive overview of the IntelliVen Strategic Leadership Immersion Program: Manage to Lead using the Seven Truths. The event was sponsored by the Association for Strategic Planning and widely promoted by IntelliVen, Flevy, and KBGlobal.

Just under 100 logged-in to participate in the fast-paced session. There would have been even more if it were not for the major outage suffered by Zoom while we were getting underway!

Click to play the workshop video recording.

Participants worked on this advance exercise ahead of the workshop to get a sense for what it is like to participate in the on-line program.

During the workshop participants sampled some of the leadership tools used extensively in the immersion program including:

  • WHAT-WHO-WHY: Your case and target customers.
  • Change Framework: What needs to change and why.
  • Initiative-to-Action: Where to assign resources.
  • Leadership Support: Governance, growth, and focus.

Participants were invited to fill-out and e-mail this enrollment form to to sign up for the program cohort that launches February 6, 2019.

The program roadmap is below. Click the graphic for a PDF of the slides used in the workshop.

Click to see PDF of workshop slides.


Peter DiGiammarino founded  and runs IntelliVen to help leaders, teams, and organizations practically apply behavioral theory to get clear, aligned, and on-track to reach their potential to perform and grow.

Joyce Reynolds-Sinclair, Ph.D. designs and delivers virtual and blended strategic and organization development services that help organizations address business challenges.

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