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How to talk about leaders and organizations for success.

Those in charge of any organization for success — no matter how large or small — and those who aspire to hold leadership roles, are wise to use terms and phrases in precise ways in order to be clear about what they think, say, and do.  This post compiles a number of such terms in one place for easy reference by IntelliVen readers, clients, and students.

Term Definition
Core Leadership Team No one leader, and not even any two, has the breadth of competence and depth of capacity to do anything of much significance alone. Successful organizations often have a Core Leadership Team of three to seven top executives who are aligned to accomplish specific goals as a cohesive unit.The executives in a successful organization’s Core Leadership Team are very good at different important things; they enjoy working together; they all want to accomplish the same thing and give credit for any success to everyone else.
Term Definition
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