Volunteer to Improve the World … and Yourself

Act Intentionally...Persist Variously
Act Intentionally…Persist Variously

While putting full attention on accomplishing one thing increases the odds that the thing will be done well, it is all too easy for the career minded professional to end up doing nothing other than their work!

They would be wise to realize that top performers at all levels make time for other things such as family, recreation, exercise, spiritual development, and even volunteer work.

Participating in volunteer work can add a healthy perspective to life and position for growth which makes it all the more rewarding to find a way to pitch-in.

Specifically, volunteering:

  • Provides personal fulfillment
  • Helps advance the chosen cause
  • Offers a fresh venue in which to apply, hone, and develop work-life skills
  • Presents an opportunity to meet others with common interests; some of whom may become fast friends and, if you are in the market, you might even find a prospective mate
  • Expands your network to include other strong players because those who volunteer tend to be good at what they do
  • Provides fodder for conversation with customers, suppliers, colleagues, and recruits which engenders respect and admiration because people naturally warm to those who help others and those with interesting things to talk about
  • Gives a break from the relentless press of the day-to-day leading to a fresh perspective when it is time to dig-in to work again

Volunteering can also help with leadership and executive development. Once you decide to volunteer, maneuver to fill positions of ultimate leadership. For example, serve on a committee and then go on to chair that committee. You may even get the chance to serve on the board and perhaps even as board chair.

When in a leadership position:

  • Get and stay clear about what you seek to accomplish in the time you have in that role
  • Gather support from others to apply their own skills towards the same ends
  • Motivate them to act in ways that move towards achieving the common goal.

Such practice will multiply your impact and your payback!

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