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Change Initiatives Don’t Have to Fail

Pundits assert that change initiatives are highly likely to under-achieve their stated goals. They also tell us any number of reasons why initiatives fail.

IntelliVen-U’s executive course teaches the exact opposite. The Strategic Leadership Immersion Program: Manage to Lead using the Seven Truths, which provides a plan of action and tools that will make any change happen just the way you want, is appropriate for individual leaders and especially useful for teams of up to five leaders who want their change initiatives to succeed.

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Watch this short video introduction of the instructor and all Seven Truths.

Some leaders wonder: “Do I need to be a better manager?” or “Do I need to be a better leader?” The Seven Truths show how management works together with leadership, so you can: Manage to Lead.

Each truth is simple… some say disarmingly simple. The truths apply equally well at any level of system. Which means the truths apply to:

  • A person trying to get fit.
  • A team that wants to work better together.
  • An organization entering a new market or rolling out a new product.
  • A township improving its attractiveness.
  • A country overthrowing a dictator.

It is in this sense that the truths help Change the World, whatever that world happens to be.

Each truth drives specific actions. We will look at each truth, the actions it drives, and introduce how to carry out those actions along a maturity continuum.

The Seven Truths

Finally, all Seven Truths are active all the time. They are not steps or stages. Leaders assess where their organization is considering each truth, and work to progress towards more maturity of action on each, starting with the one that then most constrains performance and growth.


The Immersion Program is for all leaders and is ideally suited for individual leaders, as well as teams of up to five mid-career professionals who lead a significant business or business unit and who are committed to improving growth, impact, and performance.

Leaders may be from for-profit companies, non-profits, government agencies, or an organization of any other form and format.

Future leaders and those who help and support leaders (e.g., in functions such as HR, Strategy, Finance, IT, OD, etc.) are also welcome.


If you are ready to learn about the Seven Truths and how to take the actions they drive to get the change you want, then register now at IntelliVen-U  and fill out and submit an enrollment form to

The immersion program is a virtual course delivered in highly interactive two-hour sessions over 10 weeks. Participants apply the truths and use the tools on their own situations, getting instructor, peer, and guest executive feedback throughout.

A certificate of distinction, competence, or completion is awarded based on demonstrated mastery of course content.


A one-hour Overview introduces the Immersion Program.

Contact if you would like to host a virtual or in-person one-hour Strategic Leadership Overview session for your firm or association. Introductory rates are available.

The overview session introduces four of the six proven Manage to Lead Tools and Templates covered in the immersion program and provides an opportunity for participants to apply them.

Four tools, of six covered in-depth in the Immersion Program, are introduced in the Overview Session. Over 50 such tools are available in the IntelliVen Toolbox.

These four are part of a larger framework including more than 50 proven tools that, collectively with Manage to Lead, are a playbook for leaders to manage operations in sync with strategy; where Operations refers to how to PLAY the game and Strategy refers to how to WIN.

  • WHAT-WHO-WHY: to be clear about whose problem the organization solves.
  • Change Framework: to be clear about what leaders seek to change, the case for change, and what must be done to affect the change.
  • Initiative-to-Action: to be clear about goals; concerns; committed management time, attention, and resources; active, and continuous stakeholder engagement to produce desired results.
  • Leadership Support Structure: to be clear about what is in place to support and sustain planned change in terms of governance and getting help.


Visit IntelliVen-U. Register for free to learn about courses and to be notified when courses open for enrollment.

The next Strategic Leadership Immersion Program starts this July. Enrollment opens in mid-MarchClass sessions will be via Zoom on Wednesdays, 4-6 pm Eastern/1-3 pm Pacific. Space is limited; first come, first served.

An in-depth version of the Immersion Program is available for those who want to learn to offer it to others inside their organization or to clients.

Those who have been through the program and done well are invited to apply to serve as Program Assistants in upcoming sessions.


Peter DiGiammarino has 30+ years of success leading businesses. In addition, he serves public, private, private-equity-owned, and venture-capital-backed software and services firms as board member and/or adviser.

Peter is based in San Francisco serving on boards and advising leaders as CEO of IntelliVen, the organization he founded and runs to help leaders, teams, and organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform and grow.

Peter is also an adjunct professor of masters students at University of San Francisco School of Management and at Golden Gate University Ageno School of Business where the workbook he authored, Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World, is used to teach a course he developed on Leading Organization Change.

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