What to look for in core leaders when building a top team.

A Core Leader Must Be …

When building a core leader ship team target for each team member to be:

  • Deep: Look for an extraordinary depth of competence in a functional or technical area or a methodology that is essential to the organization’s business;
  • Conceptual: The best leaders have an ability to abstract fully-formed concepts from a collection of parts and are able to communicate complex concepts clearly even to those who are not conceptual;
  • Connected: Target those who have strong interpersonal relationships with prospective or current clients, employees, partners, or funding sources; and
  • Driven: Look for an extraordinary inner commitment to achieve targeted results on time, on target, and on budget.

A diverse team of Deep, Conceptual, Connected, and Driven leaders who really like working with each other and who seek to accomplish the same end-result for the same reason and in the same way, have the collective capacity to accomplish nearly anything!