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4 Steps to Tap Into the Power of The Learning Community

Have you ever noticed how helpful it is to test-run your messaging by others you know and trust will provide honest helpful advice and suggestions?

Have you ever been asked to provide a reaction and found it easy to take a few minutes to listen, think, develop a point of view, and then share it?

Such is the power of a like-minded crowd. There is plenty of both need and competent capacity to provide value.

At any given moment, of the hundreds of people who have developed, taught, learned, and used IntelliVen content, a few have the time and inclination to help a compatriot in need. Many of you have encouraged us to further facilitate such exchanges and that is exactly what we aim to do with the IntelliVen Learning Community (ILC).

There is now a featured post at the top of the IntelliVen LinkedIn Company Page called Ask the Learning Community. Every Friday we will post a question or situation submitted by an ILC member. You are invited to enter a comment to share your reaction, suggestions, experience, wisdom, and/or resources. 

This post explains the mechanics you need to know to participate. Don’t hesitate to jump in and give it a try. As always, your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

How to Participate –  Method 1

When you ask the ILC a question it gets pushed to those in the IntelliVen Amplification Pod on LinkedIn, for the pod members to react. 

If you are MtL trained and are willing to serve at the center of the IntelliVen Learning Community please apply to join the IntelliVen Amplification Pod. If accepted you will receive notice of questions from the ILC to answer, comment, or share. 

Request to Join the IntelliVen Amplification Pod

How to Participate –  Method 2

Step 1:

Click this link to go to the IntellIVen LinkedIn Page which looks like this:

Step 2:

Click Follow (in the rectangle pointed to by the red arrows in the upper right of the picture above) IntelliVen. Clicking Follow drives LinkedIn to post to your LinkedIn feed what gets posted in the IntelliVen feed. If you happen to be on LinkedIn and looking at your feed when we post, you will see what we post right away. If you miss it, you get another shot every time someone clicks Like or inserts a comment. If you are looking for a comment or question, you can always turn to the IntelliVen company page to see the current and past postings. 

Our plan is to post different types of content on specific days of the week, so you will know when to look for what in your feed and/or in the IntelliVen company page feed. Postings will always be between 5:00 am and 10:00 am PST to accommodate a global audience as follows:

Monday: Invitation to MtL Event

Tuesday: IntelliVen Tool

Wednesday: IntelliVen Video Clip

Thursday: MtL Testimonial

Friday: Ask the Learning Community   

The more Likes and Comments ILC members make to posts the more traction they get and the more useful the community becomes.

Everyone is encouraged to Like and Comment often on all ILC posted content. It is not an overstatement to say that every Like is a vote for ILC and every Comment is ten votes for ILC. 

Step 3:

The Ask the Learning Community post pinned to the top of the feed serves as an open invitation to submit a question or to comment on the current or any past comments field entry at the bottom of the post. 

Step 4:

We will select one question each week to feature on Friday at 5:00 am PST. So, first thing on Friday mornings, check the IntelliVen company page to see the latest question and then make an entry to:

  • Answer the current question
  • Answer any past question 
  • Enter a comment on questions and/or answers from others
  • Share new content 
  • Ask a question of your own
  • Provide suggestions

The following figure shows an example of a question and an invitation to comment:

Here is an example of a question and a response:

Here is an example of original content shared by an MtL alum:

Next Step:

Let the community know: 

  • What keeps you up at night? 
  • Where could you use some help? 

As explained in MtL Immersion Program Topic 8, no one knows everything and it is a leadership skill to get good at getting help. There is now nothing stopping you from taking advantage of the vast experience and knowledge of the ILC! 

What are you waiting for? 

Ask the Learning Community now!

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