MtL Workshops: A Proven Way to Accelerate Your Team’s Leadership Skills, Alignment, and Growth

Are you looking for a way to help your team reach its full potential? If so, you may be interested in IntelliVen Manage to Lead (MtL) Workshops. MtL 3-hour Workshops help leaders develop the skills and knowledge they need to architect, build, govern, and change their organizations.

MtL Workshops are based on a proven system of tools and methods that have been used by hundreds of leaders across industries, business models, maturity stages, and capital structures around the world. The system helps leaders:

  • Clarify their organization’s purpose and strategy.
  • Be the leaders they need to be.
  • Identify and develop core DO, SELL, and GROW processes.

MtL Workshops are led by experienced operating executives who help you and your team apply the system’s tools and methods to your specific situation. The workshops are interactive and engaging, and provide a safe space for leaders to learn and grow.

If you’re ready to take your team to the next level, contact IntelliVen today to learn more about MtL Workshops.

Here are some specific benefits that IntelliVen MtL Workshops can offer your team:

  • Increased alignment and focus: MtL Workshops help teams clarify their goals and objectives, and they develop a shared understanding of how to achieve them. This leads to increased alignment and focus, which boosts performance and growth.
  • Improved leadership skills: MtL Workshops provide leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to be more effective leaders. This includes skills in communication, behavior, and decision-making.
  • Accelerated growth: MtL Workshops help teams identify and overcome challenges that hold back performance and growth. This can leads directly to increased revenue and profit.

Want to help your team reach its full potential? Contact IntelliVen today for a discovery call to learn more about MtL workshops.

There are three workshops available to peer groups (such as Vistage, Renaissance Executive Forums, and Tiger 21) and for intact leadership teams in organizations of any size, maturity stage, business model, or capital structure around the world:

  • How To Be the Leader You Want and Need to Be: This workshop helps participants breakthrough to new ways of thinking about how to be as a leader. It includes a series of role-plays that help participants learn to decide how to behave in high-stakes situations and to attract, collect, and align followers.
  • How To DO-SELL-GROW: This workshop helps teams determine which of five common operating models most closely matches that of their organization. It also helps teams draft a process map of the DO, SELL, or GROW process that currently most constrains organization performance and growth.

Contact IntelliVen to arrange a time to learn more about how IntelliVen MtL Workshops can help you and your team.

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