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Long-time IntelliVen Client Enrolls Five Teams in Exclusive Manage to Lead Immersion Program Cohort

A Washington DC based management consulting firm that helps organizations experiencing disruption to set their strategy and then align their culture with that strategy to achieve breakthrough performance improvement has chosen the Manage to Lead Immersion Program to serve as a foundational component of their leadership development and client delivery methodology.

The firm is unique in driving strategy by evolving culture and not viewing strategy and culture as separate, but rather, as interdependent things that must be done together for an organization to reach its potential to perform and grow. The Manage to Lead Program is a perfect fit to serve as the firm’s leadership development and as a cornerstone to its client delivery.

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The firm will have run eight different leadership teams through the program since its inception, and as a result, will have improved their own performance and the performance of their clients’.

Their approach is to use the WWW, Change Framework, and Initiative-to-Action templates to systematically define, launch, drive, and govern initiatives that turn leadership ideas into organization benefits.

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The Change Framework was particularly helpful when it came to yearly planning in that it really honed-in their focus, using metrics to determine when they were successful or not. This led into ‘do what’s most important next’ and being able to recognize that everything moves forward one step at a time, rather than being distracted by too many things at once.

The firm’s President explained,

…the most powerful part for me was when we got to the benefits of making changes and the consequences of not making changes. The consequence of not making change hit me powerfully. When working with clients, or when working on your own organization, all too frequently the price of in-action gets overlooked. Too often our conservative nature takes over and we fail to examine enough the consequences of not changing.

Every approach, every client engagement, and anything where we are working on strategy, now begins by preparing the client organization’s WWW and Change Framework. It works very well.

So well, that the three teams who have completed the MtL Program are able to take most any initiative, put it into a Change Framework, and use it help them help their client executives.

In addition, the firm views MtL as a likely precursor to subsequent individual and team Organization Development (OD) training in four IntelliVen Manage-to-Lead Two-Day Workshops, which include personal 1-to-1 coaching to develop skills to manage oneself, interactions with others, teams, and organizations.

The big idea is to blend business thinking with organization development skills to systematically empower the firm’s consultants to help client executives become enlightened and highly effective leaders. 

About the Manage to Lead Immersion Program

What it is

The Manage to Lead Immersion Program is offered in cohorts to support Organization, Unit and Function Leaders, Startup Entrepreneurs, Owner-Operators Preparing for Transition, and Professionally Financed CEOs who are looking to create maximal value in minimal time.

Who it is for

IntelliVen assigns each participating MtL team a Principal Consultant as its team facilitator to act as a leadership coach. Experienced consultants with a paying team may participate for free as that team’s Principal Consultant.

Why it is worth it

IntelliVen has implemented a rather unique approach to the MtL program in that casework (from the first module to the last) is based principally on the participant’s own organization, which makes program outcomes 100% relevant and actionable.

How to make the most out of attending

We recommend contacting intelliven@intelliven.com to determine which cohort would be the best fit for your team or if your company would be well-suited to have the program brought into your organization on an individualized basis.

The Manage to Lead Program is administered in 10 2-hour sessions. The four Workshops are two-day, quarterly events that help leaders become self-aware and to foster engaged workplaces through personal 1-to-1 coaching.

Tiered pricing available

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