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How to Pivot from Performance Management to Performance Momentum

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To achieve alignment and catalyze momentum, leaders must collaborate with their team to make very clear their organization’s purpose, processes, metrics, roles, and initiatives. If you want to learn how your team can reach alignment, join us for tips and insights on how to get started and on how technology can help. We will show how even large, complex organizations have achieved breakthrough performance momentum using collaborative systems and technology.


  • Lori Michel Leavitt, President & CEO of Abrige Corp.
  • Peter DiGiammarino, IntelliVen CEO

Session Overview:

Performance is catalyzed when there is clarity and alignment within the leadership team that is also fully understood and supported throughout the organization, and communication, metrics, and governance systems are aligned to enable strategic initiatives, all enhanced by technology.

Using Manage to Lead™ and Aligned Momentum™, our session will show how to access and apply tools, methods, and principles for any organization to achieve breakthrough performance momentum by getting clear, aligned, and executing flawlessly.

Case examples will demonstrate how organizations, from startup to mature, realized performance momentum by integrating these approaches.

Participant Takeaways

  • Understanding of what underlies performance momentum.
  • Tools, methods, and principles necessary to support performance momentum.
  • Concrete examples of how the approach was implemented in different organizations.
  • Answers to any questions from dialogue with the presenters.

The Power of Clarity: Maximize Organization Performance with Stronger Strategy Alignment

We truly appreciate everyone who joined special presentation of The Power of Clarity: Maximize Organization Performance with Stronger Strategy Alignment. Thank you for participating. Your thoughtful questions, comments, and contributions made it really engaging.

If you registered but were not able to join, don’t worry … you can still get a taste of our lively session. 

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Begin to learn how to make the change you want and turn ideas into action in this special presentation of The Power of Clarity: Maximize Organization Performance with Stronger Strategy Alignment.

Every organization exists to solve a problem for a customer or stakeholder. But a leading cause of organization performance and execution failures is lack of senior management alignment on exactly what that problem is and who has it.

Join this session to learn a simple three-step process for uncovering strategic misalignment and fixing it with stronger clarity. The W-W-W Process is based on execution best practices employed by hundreds of top-performing organizations.

  • The presentation will be followed by an interactive question and answer session – everyone is encouraged to take part!
  • The event will be recorded for broadcast as part of an upcoming management conference.

Featured Guest Speaker, Moderator

Jose LuisJosé Luis Romero

Corporate Leadership Development Educator, uLeadr

José Luis has 17 years of experience doing corporate leadership development and 30 years in the OB field.

  • Trained thousands of managers as a coach, mentor, consultant, and facilitator of learning.
  • Creator of the leadership training strategy: “From Boss to World Class Leader,” the only system on the market that teaches managers how to build high-performing teams, in a truly sustainable way.
  • On a mission to democratize organizational high performance.
  • Trilingual: Spanish, English, & French

This event is being recorded for the Manager World Summit.

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Thanks to everyone who attended Session 6 of the IntelliVen Learning Community.

It was an engaging and thought-provoking session, thanks to the terrific advance questions and lively discussion among attendees.

Our special thanks to Rodney Turner of Thinksocially for his engaging and thought-provoking discussion of Manage to Lead and how it has helped him.

Top Takeaways

MtL is going through some significant changes, with a new focus on how we make the tools and templates available.

Visit the new MtL landing page here:

See the new Immersion Academy training program details here:

We have started publishing richer content around how to use the MtL tools and templates, starting with a new free e-book on effective use of the W-W-W, the Power of Clarity: 

Rodney offered the insight that MtL can force leaders to consider broader strategic questions about where the business is heading, issues that are hard to contemplate when you are focused on running the business. He explained how the training led him to better understanding of the true role of the leader in an organization. This recognition of the need to work “on the business” as opposed to merely “in the business” is one of the most valuable outcomes of MtL training.

We have secured a discounted VIP pass offer for the Manager World Summit where Adam Boone and I presented the W-W-W and launched the e-book. You can get access to 39 sessions about management for less than $100 if you sign up by the end of the week at this link:

You can view our presentation from the summit here:

Looking Ahead

Please watch for upcoming promotions on social media around the W-W-W e-book and we would be grateful if you would like and share our posts. Please also watch for additional upcoming e-books that share lessons learned about effective use of the MtL tools and templates.

We very much liked the suggestion made during the ILC for workshops that provide updated and advanced training in using the MtL tools. We will notify you when such workshops are ready to launch.

Thanks once again for your participation in the ILC session!

Featured Guest Speaker

Rodney Turner joined the ILC session as our Featured Speaker to share how MtL has changed his perspective on leadership and on his role as the leader of his organization.

Rodney is Founder and CEO of Thinksocially, a technology consulting firm specializing in total solutions for IT, managed and professional services, cloud computing, and compliance-based cybersecurity measures.

About ILC

Join current, past, and prospective Manage to Lead Immersion Program participants in a lively online Zoom session where we’ll discuss your questions and topics as a group.

Register today and continue to learn how to use MtL tools, methods, and approaches to change the world the way you want.

Manage to Lead Immersion Program Online Interactive Overview

We truly appreciate everyone who joined yesterday’s MtL Overview session. Your comments and contributions made it really engaging for all of us. Thank you! If you were not able to join, don’t worry … you can still get a taste of this lively session with the recording and materials below. 

Those who submitted a W-W-W for their organization can look forward to receiving a version of their submission annotated with IntelliVen comments over the next week or so. 
  • If you want to dig deeper into the W-W-W and if you want to see how MtL Module 2 content unfolds, we have developed an online, self-guided version of the entire module content, content reinforcement, including readings, video clips, practice cases, and a recorded Live Session from a previous cohort that you can use and share with colleagues. Send me a note to and I will send you a link to access the demo module.
  • If you did not get the chance to complete the W-W-W ahead of the session, we encourage you to review the content and template at this link to fill out and submit a W-W-W for your organization. We promise to review and reply with at least three constructive comments for your consideration at no cost or obligation.
  • I hope you enjoyed hearing John Grillos’ introduction to his new e-book, the first in his series The Art of the Exit. You can download a copy of the e-book here: Download The Art of the Exit: Picking the Path.
  • We Value and Appreciate Your Feedback! Please fill out and submit this short survey to let us know your reactions to the MtL content.

Topics of Interest Discussed by Today’s Participants:

  • What should we do when a member of the top team doesn’t align with the leader and the other team members … or when a team member claims to be aligned but then behaves in ways that are not consistent with alignment?
  • Is it okay to first align unit or function leaders or is it mandatory to start with the topmost leadership team? What do you do when the topmost team isn’t interested in working on their alignment?
  • The difference between a user and a customer was discussed in response to a question on the Facebook case example. 

Content from Today’s Interactive Overview:

Additional Content:

We hope to hear from you and to see you again soon!

PeterD & The IntelliVen Team

Manage to Lead Immersion Program [Cohort 9, Online]

The Manage to Lead Immersion Program

Use your own organization as the case to apply an approach using supplied tools to reach your potential to perform and grow by making the change you want.

Earn a Certificate of Completion in only ten two-hour weekly online sessions.

Your Case IS the Course

Case-work from start to finish is based principally on the organization itself, which makes program outcomes 100% relevant and actionable.

The result? Maximal value created in minimal time.

Consultants can Participate for Free

IntelliVen assigns each participating team a Principal Consultant as team facilitator/leader coach. Experienced consultants with a paying team may participate for free as that team’s Principal Consultant!

Date of reflects ten, 2-hour weekly sessions.

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