Your Case is the Course

Any organization is more likely to reach its potential to perform and grow when its leaders are clear about their organization today, where it is headed next and why, and when they know how it will get thereStrategic Leadership: Manage to Lead Using the Seven Truths introduces a straightforward yet rigorous way to describe and assess any organization as it exists and as its leaders would like it next to be considering external and internal threats and opportunities.

You will learn how to describe, launch, drive, and govern initiatives that transform an organization from its current state to its targeted next state. Participants apply the truths and use the tools on their own situations, getting instructor, peer, and guest executive feedback throughout.

Highly interactive sessions are filled with content that is sequentially applied to a real case from your own organization. Each session builds on the preceding, culminating in the tenth Executive Session where participants present the results of their work to an Executive Board made up of instructors, fellow participants, and guest outside executives from participant organizations.

The Strategic Leadership Immersion Program develops and re-enforces four Key Points across all sessions:

  • Iteration…The agile path to perfection.
  • Lean-in…Give advice better when good at getting advice.
  • Alignment…It is better for leaders to say the same thing than to say the best thing.
  • Self-Management…Be the leader you want and need to be.


After having developed and used his Manage to Lead System to realize $1B+ in value created and to increase impact across business models, industries, and sectors, Peter DiGiammarino founded IntelliVen to broadly share what he learned that was not already easily available. Lessons, principles, and approaches help you, your team, and your organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to perform and grow.


Joyce Reynolds-Sinclair, Ph.D. has strong expertise in designing and delivering virtual and blended strategic and organization development services that help clients address business challenges. She has held senior positions within the medical/health care industry, including at Genentech and Kaiser Permanente, and is an Association for Strategic Planning Hall of Fame inductee.


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