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Change Alone is Not Enough

Strategic Leadership is to change your organization the way you want. You don’t just want change, though, because change means different, not necessarily better.

We could say develop, which implies better, but towards what end? More specifically we want to improve but in what ways? What we want is to improve how well we do what we do, or performance, and how much of it we do, or growth.

In the end, a leader’s aim is almost always to perform better and grow faster. And that’s what the IntelliVen Leadership Immersion Program is about. We give you the power to change your organization so that it performs better and grows faster.

Our mission is to help you as leaders, teams, and organizations reach your potential to perform and grow. The program road map shows how we do it.

Road Map

The Strategic Leadership Immersion Program is ten two-hour sessions organized into three segments:

  • Get Ready Sessions 1-5 reveal how to describe an organization as it exists in the present and prioritize ways to improve its performance and growth.
  • GO Sessions 6 – 8address how to plan and govern Strategic Initiatives to effect intended change.
  • Guide Session 9 and 10 are about how to efficiently keep track of progress and provide management attention for success.

Ahead of and during every session, we provide new material for you to work with on a practice case and then on your case, first on your own, then with your team, then across teams and with outside executives and, finally, with instructors.

Certificates of completion, competence, and distinction are awarded based on preparation, participation, and quality of your Final Project submission.


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