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Board Power! A Guide to Improve Board Performance

By Peter DiGiammarino

There is a lot more value that can be derived from working with the board but it takes a lot of work in building, cultivating, and working with boards.

What makes an exceptional WWW

By Eric Palmer

The purpose of a business is to solve a problem for a customer…which drives every leadership team to align on its WWW; that is on WHAT their organization provides to WHO and WHY customers buy it from them.

How to Run Operating Meetings

By Peter DiGiammarino

An IntelliVen CEO client recently put it this way: “It’s easy to make great progress when you weren’t doing much in the first place” when commenting on the lift in performance experienced after tweaking the approach to running his organization’s weekly Operating Group Meeting.

3 Tips and Four C’s to Raise a leader’s Communication game

By Peter DiGiammarino

Your voice speaks volumes about your confidence level, your education, socioeconomic stature, and your roots. And your voice can be managed to help you be a more effective leader.

4 Steps to Tap Into the Power of The Learning Community

By Angela Dunz

There is now a featured post at the top of the IntelliVen LinkedIn Company Page called Ask the Learning Community. Every Friday we will post a question or situation submitted by an ILC member. You are invited to enter a comment to share your reaction, suggestions, experience, wisdom, and/or resources. This post explains the mechanics you need to know to participate. Don’t hesitate to jump in and give it a try. As always, your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

How to set direction when the leader is not sure where to head next

By Peter DiGiammarino

Leaders set direction, align resources, and motivate action as suggested by the panels in Figure 1.  Another way to put it is that a leader develops, holds, nurtures, communicates, and drives to achieve a vision.

How to connect the Top-of-the-House to the FrontLine

By Peter DiGiammarino

When top leaders are informed, thinking critically, and engaged enough to provide guidance and direction, things tend to go pretty well.  That is, things get done better, sooner, and more smoothly when leaders pay attention. 

How emerging executives can achieve high-impact with key players more senior than themselves.

By Peter DiGiammarino

An up-and-coming executive engages with an important sales prospect, client, supplier, partner, or colleague on par with his or her degree of comfort and security with the other party. The more seniority the other is perceived to have relative to his/her own, the more anxiety and insecurity is induced, the less is said, and the … Continue reading How emerging executives can achieve high-impact with key players more senior than themselves.

IntelliVen Launches Initiative to Support Learning Community on LinkedIn

By Angela Dunz

We have launched an initiative to cultivate the IntelliVen Learning Community through the IntelliVen Company Page on LinkedIn: “Ask the Learning Community”. Follow the company page on LinkedIn to enjoy the content and join the discussion.

Key to Operating Success in a Crisis

By Peter DiGiammarino

With baby boomers entering their last stages, Private Equity invested in senior residences ahead of the certain increase in demand as an aging population would surely seek community, comfort, support, and safety from communal living. COVID-19 changed the calculus overnight. WeWork and Airbnb represent two more niches that are forever changed…as are many more.

How to increase the odds of being happy and of leading a fulfilled life.

By Peter DiGiammarino | March 11, 2012

Most of us seek in our professional affiliation what some call a state of flow or what others call happiness, exhilaration, satisfaction, or leading a fulfilled life.  Along these lines see: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and The Doom Loop System by my long time personal executive coach Dr. Dory Hollander who passed away last … Continue reading How to increase the odds of being happy and of leading a fulfilled life.

How to run a meeting.

By Peter DiGiammarino | March 4, 2012

Leaders who know how to run a meeting well can improve the odds of achieving maximum performance and efficiency.  On the other hand, it is easy for an organization to lose itself to an endless series of bad meetings.This note addresses the three stages of a good meeting, meeting roles, and how to increase the odds of … Continue reading How to run a meeting.

An Action Plan for Executive Transition into a new Lead Role

By Peter DiGiammarino | March 1, 2012

Executive Transition into a new Lead Role One of the toughest things for a senior executive to do is break in to an existing system of operation.  At first there is an exhilarating air of difference.  Everything is new and there is so much to figure out and to absorb.  The opportunity to have a … Continue reading An Action Plan for Executive Transition into a new Lead Role

Tips for Top Performance in an Important Job Interview

By Peter DiGiammarino | February 29, 2012

Here are some tips to increase the odds that a high-stakes job interview goes well: be yourself: be honest…be genuine…be sincere.  It is not worth being someone other than yourself just to land the job because in the end it will not be possible for you to continue being the person who got the job.

A Plan to Eat Right for Life

By Peter DiGiammarino | February 29, 2012

“Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels” is a good mantra to run through in your mind over and over as you concentrate on taking in only enough calories to live as they say Eat Right for Life, in order to get and stay fit.  You should also exercise (see this post for details … Continue reading A Plan to Eat Right for Life

Note on Letters of Recommendation

By Peter DiGiammarino | February 23, 2012

Students, parents, teachers, and those who write letters of recommendation for admission to a high school or college often underestimate how much of a difference the recommendation makes.  Those who take recommendations seriously and who work to make them the best they can, find it a relatively easy way to get an edge on the … Continue reading Note on Letters of Recommendation

Business Writing Tips

By Peter DiGiammarino | February 17, 2012

The following business writing tips are collected from a variety of sources over a lifetime. Follow them to produce writing  that is easy to read and hard to misunderstand: Use present tense Avoid words that end in: ing and in ly (e.g., really) or in y (e.g., very) Avoid words that have  a z in … Continue reading Business Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips

By Peter DiGiammarino | January 31, 2012

The most important thing about your resume is that you be proud of how it presents you.  If you are not proud of it then how do you expect any one else to be impressed?  Keep working on it until it presents you in just the way you want.  Whenever you even think about your … Continue reading Resume Writing Tips

Eight Reasons Executive Review Meetings Under-perform

By Peter DiGiammarino | January 21, 2012

The main reason things go wrong  is lack of management attention. Hence the importance of Executive Review Meetings! However, management reviews can also go wrong.  Here are eight common reasons why they often do:

Four Steps to a Smooth Transition

By Peter DiGiammarino | January 21, 2012

Here are four steps to help transition out of a top role. It is critical to execute the steps in order. (See also: Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges):

How to Find a Job

By Peter DiGiammarino | January 21, 2012

It is a job to find a job…and most do not do it well; in part because there is little time to find a new one while employed and, when unemployed, a sense of despondence, depression, or desperation may make it hard to perform at peak levels. Three steps can turn the average job seeker … Continue reading How to Find a Job

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