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How to decide who to sell to next.

An organization needs customers to serve.  Without customers the organization has no reason to exist.  The ideal customer:

  • Has the problem the organization solves.  There is no point selling a solution for which the prospect has no need.  If a prospect does not need the solution, organization leaders might be tempted to solve a problem other than the one which the organization offers. The organization can do this but it essentially means building yet another organization which drains resources from core activities while adding risk and complexity.
  • Finds the problem strategic to solve.  Every prospective customer has many problems.  No customer solves all of its problems at the same time.  Instead, either explicitly or implicitly, they determine which of all their problems are most important to solve and allocate resources to solving them.  Successful organizations sell their solution to prospects for whom it is strategic to solve the problem it addresses.

How to be a good group facilitator to help your organization and to grow as a leader when the opportunity presents itself.

Serving as a group facilitator at a workshop is an important assignment that can help make the difference between the session being a big success or not.  It is also an opportunity to be, and to grow as, a visible leader.  Do not pass up the opportunity to rise to the occasion and to do a first-rate job that makes a great impression.  Do all you can to help your organization achieve its objectives because your performance, and the positive results you help generate, will be noticed!

Your job as a facilitator is to:

  • Create, promote, and use a safe environment that ensures those in your workgroup participate fully and that their task is understood and completed successfully and on time.
  • Model target behavior.

How organizations evolve.

There are three to keep in mind with respect to how organizations evolve.

There Is No One Right Organization

The organization that will work is the one a group decides to make work, after much study and debate, despite its flaws. It is easy to make any organization fail. It is harder to make one work. Continue reading How organizations evolve.

How to increase the accuracy of revenue forecasts.

Revenue Forecasts asserts that a certain amount of revenue will be earned in a certain period of time with a certain probability that the actual revenue earned in the period will be within a certain tolerance of the forecast.  For example, management may forecast that there is a 90% chance of actual revenue being not more than 10% less than a forecasted amount.

Generally speaking, the percent probability of revenue from a source is assigned by management based on their judgement in light of their collective past experience with similar revenue generating opportunities in similar circumstances.

Some managers set forecasts equal Expected Value; that is, their revenue forecast equals the sum of potential revenue generating opportunities each multiplied by an assigned probability of occurring.  There are several potential problems with this approach that should be considered carefully before proceeding:

  • Summing expected values allows fractional results when there may actually be little to no chance of fractional results.  For example, an opportunity to generate revenue of $100,000 with a 50% probability of occuring would contribute $50,000 to a forecast computed as a weighted sum even though the actual result is more likely to either be $0 or $100,000. Continue reading How to increase the accuracy of revenue forecasts.

How to build a “pizza-making” business.

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