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Case Study: Cracking the Execution Code at Compusearch Software Systems


Compusearch  (now Unison) was a visionary company with visionary goals. But, as often happens with visionary companies, focus on a long-term strategy to revolutionize a market can mean that near-term execution and operationalization can suffer, creating barriers to growth.

In Compusearch’s case, the company had set out to transform how federal government agencies procure and contract for goods and services.

From its founding in 1983, the company used state-of-the-art software design and development to provide solutions that streamlined and automated key steps in government procurement, purchasing, and contract management.

In 2005, the company arrived at a strategic decision point. The company’s team of owner-operators decided to sell the company and retire. The new owner, private equity firm The Carlyle Group (Carlyle), saw immense potential in the company and its pedigree of quality innovation. 

But Carlyle also saw that the change in ownership was an ideal time to assess how the organization operated and to upgrade to more effective strategy execution and operations maturity. Maturing operations turned out to be essential to achieving the goal to double revenue and increase margins to realize a 4X return on invested capital within five years.

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What an organization must do in order to perform and grow.


  • An organization that does not know how it will meet the demands of its current customers, or
  • An organization that has no idea where its next customer will come from, or
  • An organization that does not know how it will acquire resources needed to meet a surge in demand.

Such organizations exist and they are stuck.  That is, their ability to perform and grow is severely constrained.

Organizations that experience sustained growth and high-performance execute, create demand, and develop capacity in orderly, or systematic, ways.  A system is a collection of resources working together to accomplish a common goal.  The resources of an organization aggregate into three essential systems: