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Don’t go to the conference stupid!

ConfereesA qualified sales prospect may turn out to be in the next seat at a conference session or happen by the booth in the vendor display area … but the odds are so long that if the only plan is to meet people randomly then it is probably not worth going.

The value of attending is multiplied many times when an industry conference serves as a platform to work from before, during and after by a team committed to making the most of the experience.

Specifically, contact targeted executives regarding the conference. Every interaction is a chance to make a strong personal connection around a topic of mutual interest (the conference); use it to gather intelligence and to impact thinking related to cultivating interest in organization offerings.  Continue reading Don’t go to the conference stupid!

Five Steps to TURN a Prospect into a Sale

Developing a systematic approach to cultivating demand for its products and services is a key step in the evolution of every successful organization. Many early-stage leaders long for a silver-bullet solution; that is, they look to hire someone with a lot of contacts and an extroverted personality to hit the market and drum-up demand.  Such efforts usually fail.

Leaders cannot count on building a scalable demand creation system by hiring one super-salesman after another. There are simply not enough to go around. A better strategy is to figure out for themselves how to create demand for their offerings and then hire and train others to follow their lead.

What follows is a sure-fire method to systematically turn prospects into customers that every executive, client manager, product manager, and sales professional can and should add to their tool set.  It takes a lot of work to prepare properly and to execute well in a teaching-mindset, instead of a selling one, but those who are up to the task will be well-rewarded.

Step-1: Describe what you think your prospect is trying to accomplish.

Use all the data about a top prospect you can get your hands on to describe what problem s/he seeks to solve that your organization can help with.   Continue reading Five Steps to TURN a Prospect into a Sale

Three Steps to Selling a Professional Services Work-Plan

Follow the three steps in this post to prepare a professional services work-plan for a client. Those who hire contractors and consultants should be familiar with these points to understand how the best providers think through proposals.

Continue reading Three Steps to Selling a Professional Services Work-Plan